( Projects ) Brochure

Publish informational or presentation pages to establish business presence on the Internet

YC Media

Replace outdated Flash-based site with a modern CMS. Proposed interface enhancements to the look-and-feel to improve the user interface. Guided design and content so that the site would display well across multiple devices and platforms

( Tags ) Blogs · Brochure · CMS · Portfolio · Prototype modeling · Slideshows

Jerry Jacobs

In addition to advising on writing optimized Web copy, we outlined and implemented a digital strategy involving a brochure site for presence and regular content creation via a site blog. The blog runs in tandem with an automated e-mail newsletter to maximize the client’s communications and limited time.

Panamax Capital

Brochure site equipped with full content-management system (CMS), displaying switchable pages in multiple languages

( Tags ) Brochure · CMS · Copywriting & editing · Look & feel

Secure Communication, Inc.

Brochure site equipped with full content-management system (CMS)

Urban Sherpa

Full content-management system (CMS), announcements blog, event calendar, shopping cart, with scalable design to handle multiple business segments

Stillwater Trade Capital

Static HTML/CSS–based brochure site displayed in multiple languages

( Tags ) Brochure · Copywriting & editing · Look & feel · Static HTML

Tracy Oats Communications

Static HTML portfolio site for communications consulting

( Tags ) Brochure · Look & feel · Portfolio · Static HTML

White Star Living

Custom Yahoo! Merchants site, e-commerce configuration

( Tags ) Brochure · Look & feel · Prototype modeling · Slideshows · Shopping cart

Zenodro Homes

Luxury real-estate condominiums in central Florida, custom database and map application, newsletter