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Jarret YoshidaUnder development

Helped develop and build out the look-and-feel into a new Website, complete with portfolio and blog, using a modern CMS. By making smart æsthetic choices against technical limitations of browsers and devices, the new site displays well across small- to large-format screens and manifests the client’s philosophy of beautiful, functional design.

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Jerry Jacobs

In addition to advising on writing optimized Web copy, we outlined and implemented a digital strategy involving a brochure site for presence and regular content creation via a site blog. The blog runs in tandem with an automated e-mail newsletter to maximize the client’s communications and limited time.

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Elisha Cooper

Elisha Cooper is an award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books and other works. We worked with him to update an existing Web site with a fresher, airy look-and-feel that staged his artwork and represented his broad range of creative activity.

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Spine Africa Project

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Society for Advanced Spinal Intervention

UK Wild Adventures

Full content-management system (CMS), event calendar, blog, PayPal-integrated basic shopping cart


Full content-management system (CMS), portfolio display—can be fitted with commerce functionality at a later date

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Secure Communication, Inc.

Brochure site equipped with full content-management system (CMS)

Urban Sherpa

Full content-management system (CMS), announcements blog, event calendar, shopping cart, with scalable design to handle multiple business segments

Jackie Gordon

Full content-management system (CMS), blog, event calendar, brochure pages

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